Monday, November 13, 2017

Design Wall 11/13/17

   As much as I  enjoy it, long term subbing can be physically, emotionally, and mentally draining. There has not been much energy for the studio. 
   However, this week I do need to spend some time in the studio. I must get those bindings done by Wednesday. Monday night is bowling so it all falls on Tuesday. All the prep is done so I should be able to knock it out quickly. 
   DD#1 is coming on Saturday to pick up money from t-shirt quilt. She is bring my Early Christmas gift. While I wait for her, my plan is to clean den.  My embroidery machine is fixed and home so I  can start on Christmas gifts while I am off from school.
  The Drama Queen is staying out of my sight which suits me fine. Her last visit caused me to lose my temper and become someone I had worked hard to leave behind. I haven't gotten that angry in over 25 years! She found out just how violent I can become when you hit my face. Trying hard to get back to my even tempered self.
Design Wall Goals:
Goal 1: Bindings on customer's quilts.  I was asked to machine sew binding on t-shirt quilt and 2 baby quilts.
Goal 2: BH Leader/Ender --  Continue trimming blocks, making twoies and fouries, and assembling last side.



  1. Sounds like you have a busy week! I got a call from a fellow that is going to sand my floors. He is coming Tuesday after 4 so that means I have to get the rooms he will be going in and the kitchen straightened up. I will spend my lunch time today and tomorrow then after work tonight cleaning. After that I can get back to my herringbone quilts.

  2. oh lordy, she did what????? don't let her back in! LOL. Breathe, my friend, breathe and quilt!