Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thursday Morning Wonderings 11/30/17

Outside my window... cold and damp.
I am listening to... puppies cry and Me-new purr.
One of my favorite things... coffee.
One of my least favorite things... the holiday season.
I am missing... time alone
I am planning... a driving trip to San Antonio.
I am remembering ... why I  so dislike this time of the year.
I need... more energy and time in the day and even more energy.
I am wondering... What the weather is going to do next week
I am thinking... my sub time is coming to an end. 
I am super thankful... for my wonderful husband whose birthday is today.
I am sewing on...  UFO's. Trash/Strings and KS BOM 14 and Christmas gifts.
I am deciding... on what to do today for DH's 79th bday. I think I am going to go after school to get him a ??
My future includes... A trip to San Antonio and embroidery.
I am hoping... to make it to Christmas w/o more drama.
Should I... wake Chris up or let him sleep?
TOO Many Decisions Too Much to Do!  

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  1. Interesting post of what is going on in your head. I read down and answered the statements with what is going on in my head not realizing I had more going on in my head than I knew! Take a deep breath - it all will be ok!