Tuesday, December 5, 2017

December Goals

My goals for December are mostly crafting goals than quilting goals:
Goal 1: Blue Binding Tool Star Quilt - It is on DD#1's frame now so it should be quilted by the 15th. I will pick it up and spend time binding it. We are going to San Antonio on Dec 23-26th. I will deliver it to DGS#1 and his fiance then.
Goal 2: Embroidery Project for DD#3. DD#3 asked me to embroider gifts she is giving.
Goal 3: Christmas Gifts - I want to make a gift for my co-teacher for all the help she has given me. DD#3 gave me hints for 2 gifts she wants for 2018. She also forwarded a picture of something DGGD#1 wants too. 
Goal 4: Trash/Strings - I have decided to work on this. I need at least 10 more full blocks to make it big enough to cuddle under. I will also work on DD#1's bow tie blocks as leader/enders. (Gosh- they are small!)

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  1. Have fun in San Antonio! I need to do something like a leader/ender. The new machine has only electronic foot raiser thingys and it might be easier to do a leader/ender project. I have to figure out what to set up.