Friday, December 8, 2017

South Louisiana Snow Day

Snow Day equals Sew Day!
  We rarely have  snow in Cajun Country and when we do it seldom sticks. Today is one of those rare days - it is snowing and it is sticking! 
  Schools are closed so I am having an unpaid early  holiday. Actually it is needed since I  caught the crud from the students and need a day of relaxation and rest to get over it before the holidays and our trips. 
   The plan for today is to cook soup and sew. In between cooking and sewing, I  plan on decluttering and putting up holiday decorations. (I lost the Christmas spirit about 10 years ago when family members stole presents from under the tree and others complained about the handmade gifts. For some odd reason a small bit of that spirit has returned. I think it is because homemade items were requested by a daughter and great grand daughter. Or it may be a side effect from the pain medicine I am taking or the new blood pressure med.)

 This morning Spirit and I have already put up a lighted tree and turned on the lighted Santa Clauses. After we declutter the living room, we will pull out more Clauses! I have lots I have collected in my 67 years.
  Time to make gifts and cook soup. Progress updates to follow.
Update: Plans changed abruptly. Last night I took a pain pill. Best night sleep I had in months. Only problem is that when the pill wears off, I start throwing up. It took several hours for the effects to wear off. Soup is simmering and making the house smell wonderful.
   Zipper part of one gift is done. Puppies have been moved to warmer bedding and inside back room. So I did accomplish something besides sleeping on sofa. 
Second pain pill was taken so I am good for another 6 hours.

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  1. glad you are feeling better. And a day off will help. I am sitting in my sewing room looking out the window on a beautiful new and exciting world of snow! I keep running out into it and taking pictures!