Sunday, December 31, 2017

January Goals

These are the projects that I want to advance in January. Notice I said advance not Finish.
When the weather warms a bit there will be more than one machine set up for sewing since my ADHD often takes over and the thread colors are different. Who wants to stop to change thread colors?
  Goals 1 & 3 on one machine and 2 & 5 on another. The embroider machine will be also set up. A machine is set up in the house for days when it is too cold in Studio like this week. The Go!Big will move as needed.
January Goals: 
Sewing Goals:
1)Gift/Charity Project  - CoziesBags, Towels, and Boxes - The boxes (blue scraps) and cozies (FG Letters) will be leaders and enders for the laptop bag (coral). If it warms up enough to be in the studio, the towels will be in the embroidery hoop while I sew. 
2) a New Project  - Baby doll with orange hair and blue eyes due on February 13th. It has been a long time since I have made a soft sculpture doll. Hope I remember how! I need to find my bag of fabric and patterns.
3) a PhD - Trash/Strings - it needs either 4 or 9 big blocks to be finished.  
4) Stalled Project -KS BOM 2014  - Add sashing and borders using grey.
5) Quilting Project - Binding tool Table Runners - The walking foot for one to give me confidence and then the templates and foot I got 2 years ago at Festival.
6)  Stash Management/Organization.  
  • Limit purchases to no more than 5 yards for month of January.
  • Spend 5 minutes each time I am in Studio organizing the sewing room and the stash by putting scraps up.
  •  Any new projects have to use stash fabrics first. 
  • Cut scraps in to useable sizes using color of the month. I plan on mimicking DD#1's storage system so I need to run anything smaller than a half yard thru the Go!Big. I set up in living room and started!
  • Make  fabric storage box out of color of month. DD#1 gave me a small black and white one. I am making one out of blue while waiting for color reveal.
Health: Tend to growth and its removal. Doctor visit scheduled first week of month to learn results of biopsy. Then we will go from there. 
Visiting: If at all possible, go to KS guild meeting and Cheryl's. (The plan is to see Cheryl Tuesday and if all is well go to guild meeting on 11th.) Go to DD#1's  and Glenda's. (We visited DD#1 Friday, 12/29/17 so I  am good for 3 months (LOL) and we visited with Glenda and Frank too, good until after this medical issue is tended to.) 
Acceptance: Do what I  am told by surgeon. So far so good. Although, I wasn't hurting before and now I am! 
My brain is already thinking of things I want to do.  I am indeed a "Sewciopath" to the 9th degree.
Lator Gators!

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