Thursday, December 14, 2017

Musing on a Thursday Morning

Outside my window... cold and dark. I couldn't sleep!
I am listening to... the heater run and puppies bark.
One of my favorite things... my new repair place. They promised me my embroidery machine by the 20th but called last night to tell me it was ready. Friendly and fast!
One of my least favorite things... not being able to reach a child and having to get them removed from the classroom so the others can learn.
I am missing... my mom, dad, brother, etc. Those that went ahead.
I am planning... to go to San Antonio for Christmas.
I am remembering ... why I  so dislike this time of the year. To much to do, too many rude people, greedy people!
I need... more energy and time in the day and even more energy.
I am wondering... how serious removing that growth at the apex of my legs will be.. 
I am thinking... It is time to stop living with pain all the time. 
I am super thankful... for my wonderful husband.
I am sewing on... Kleenex covers, Christmas gifts, and UFO's. Trash/Strings needs more blocks and KS BOM 14 needs sashing.
I am deciding... on what to do for graduation quilts.
My future includes... A trip to San Antonio and binding.
I am hoping... to make it to Christmas w/o more drama.
Should I...  sew or embroider or both?
TOO Many Decisions Too Much to Do!  

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