Thursday, March 28, 2019

Thursday Morning Wonderings 3/28/19

Outside my window... sunshine, bees flying, and lizards catching. It is a beautiful morning!
I am listening to... Chris laughing in this room. Sound of laughter especially Chris' or DH's always makes me feel good instantly. Such joy!
One of my favorite things... watching my husband fish or rather feed the fish until one catches itself.
One of my least favorite things... when plans go sour thru no fault of ours.
I am missing... piecing.
I am planning... on deconstructing t-shirts for a commissioned quilt. My job is to take the shirts apart -- not hard butv very time consuming.
I am remembering ... new season means new beginnings.
I am wondering...  what this next season of life will bring.
I am thinking... it is colder inside my house than outside.
I am super thankful...  for all the people God has added to my life since this journey has begun.
I am sewing on...  chucks for the bed. Cut apart old machine quilting practice quilt. Next comes the binding. I got 6 chucks out of something to be thrown away.
I am deciding... clothes to go and clothes to stay.
My future includes... sunshine and fishing and good food.
I am hoping...  this feeling of good health lasts a long time.
I am always thankful for... My wonderful husband.
Please keep PUSHing with me! (Praying Until Something Happens)

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