Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Adventurous Tuesday

So far so good...I have completed my 12" BOM for Be There or Be Square (Goal 4) and pieced 1 Autumn Leaves block (Cut out 3 to use with triangle paper).

Today was an excellent day even though I didn't get to sew. The guild meeting was great and Judy and I had an adventure trying to find Gueydan. There is a bridge on the way that is a hoot. It is a patoon bridge that goes up and down with the water level. The water level was definitely down as was the bridge. You saw the side you were on and the other side but NO middle until you came to the edge. Needless to say, we didn't go back that way.

We had lunch at a nice place and then went across the street only to find that we were a day early for the exhibit...only open Wednesday - Saturday. So we drove back a different way. Thank goodness that Judy kinda knew the way to go down Hwy. 14 b/c I was lost from the minute she turned off Interstate 10. LOL

When we got back, it was too early for the night meeting and too late for me to drive back to Lewisburg, so I went take a nap at daughter's. It was a very peaceful nap almost too long.

After the meeting, I came home and Pape told me there has been no sign of the CRAZY renter lady all day. I guess that our CRAZY daughter and the constable and sheriff scared her off for the time being. Tomorrow we will padlock the doors and daughter will start the cleaning. It will take lots of problem solving to get it in shape again.

Wednesday, Pape and I have to go get blood work done for different reasons and doctors. Then I plan on spending the day working on binding the Haiti quilts and the skulls quilt. I also have to plant my squash , zuccini and cucumber plants in the back yard.

Well, gator I will see you lator. May you have a blessed evening a great tomorrow.

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