Monday, April 26, 2010

Design Wall Monday

My design wall is the same as last week. I spent all week either feeling like a pooped turkey or turkey poop.

Monday I sewed on my Autumn Leaves blocks. I now need to cut more blocks and try to devised a plan for those that are cut but can't be completed. Those 2 square she left off are causing me to have to problem solve.

Tuesday & Wednesday: I quilted the skulls quilt. It was an experience that taught me much. 1st: Bigger is not better. I have a midarm that while the quilting area is not as big, it quilts much the same way. 2nd: To get great quilting, you have to be a great quilter. To be a great quilter, you have to practice and practice.

Thursday: I started feeling like turkey. I made 1 AL block. I spent the day watching my granddaugter and friend fix bikes. Then spent the evening with daughter.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday,& today: We traveled to Abita Springs where I spent most of my time sleeping and listening to music or watching ducks & geese. I only have one complaint: those geese get up too dang early and honk too loudly.

So no sewing except for a few scattered AL blocks have been done. But I no longer feel like a turkey.
Lator gators...have a productive day and a blessed week.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you got rid of the turkey-poops or whatever it was that ailed ya.
    The nice thing about quilting on a mid-arm or long-arm or whatever arm --yep, ya have to practice to get better...but you do get better and that's a great feeling! And learning new stuff is what keeps life interesting, no?
    have a fabulous week!