Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Pleasant Sunday

Today was an extremely pleasant day - weather and company. I sewed a bit on my Autumn Leaves blocks and then my youngest came over with her two children. My grandson, Chris, had a project to do and he needed the computer and more importantly the printer and geema's knowhow. So we worked on that for a while. Then Renee' and I went get meat etc for a Bar B Que. We left Pape, Chris, Spirit, and Sammie to start the pit.

When we got back Pape claimed to need lighter fluid so he went to the local store to get some. I think he just needed time. Renee and I seasoned the meat and went back to work on the project. Pape got back and Spirit told us the fire went high! Whoosh she said high.

We put the first batch of meat on the pit and went back to work. By the time we finished, the first batch was ready and the next two batches were on the pit. Renee washed clothes while doing all this -- multi-tasker. We all sat outside watching the kids play and Billie arrived with her two children.

The kids went to the front yard and set up a slip n slide and were having a ball while the adults sat and bbqued. Dorothy and Brian brought back my Element and joined in the conversation. By then everything was ready and we began to eat. The kids opted to play and ate later. Big mistake! Byron makes me laugh so much - he does not like to serve himself when he goes to someone else's house -he thinks it is rude. I try to make him understand that he is family and I don't wait on family.

After everyone ate, they began to leave. I hate to admit it but as much as I was glad to have them, I was also glad for them to go home. I am still tired from the New Orleans walk-a-thon that Sammie put me thru on Saturday.

We got good news as Renee, Pape, and I sat outside resting. My backyard renters from hades are leaving. Renee is considering moving into the trailer and we would rent that house instead. Far down the street from me...I would prefer Spirit as my backyard neighbor even though I know she will be here everyday/minute she could as would Chris.

Renee and I cleaned up and packed up the project which Chris had finally finished wording and coloring. Then Sammie drove me to her house and Pape went to the casino which he was trying to do all day under one excuse or the other. I came home and just chilled until he came back a few minutes ago.

Tomorrow I have to go to Lafayette and buy a batting for the skull quilt. I thought I was being smart and I washed the batting I had to let it fluff up. Instead it came apart. Now I know not to do that with cheap cotton battings. So off to the LQS I go to get another batting and then Tuesday I get to quilt the skulls on a longarm...I am excited!

Well, gators, I hope that your day was as blessed as mine and that tomorrow is also a great day for you.

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