Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Aniversary Part II

Well, as I said in Part I, getting Pape a great meal and taking a Power Nap were the main things I wanted to do today. That was the only things I did except sew together 5 or so leaves for Autumn Leaves.

The plants I bought at Lowe's will be planted tomorrow IF I am having a better health day. My thyroid problems have flared up and are giving me a heck of a time. Since I want to kidnap Pape and Sammie on Saturday, I need to build up my strength and get the problems under control. Easier said than done!

Plans for tomorrow are simple:
1) Clean sewing room or at least pick it up.

2) Mow/weedeat backyard.

3) Plant vegtable plants in backyard and flowers in hanging basket and tomatoes in upside down container. I am really anxious to see how that works.

4) Sew on New York Beauty for guild, on nine patch for guild, and on stars for Be There or Be Square.

5) Try to gain strength and health for Saturday.

Pape is at Casino and is suppose to remember to get coffee, bleach, and washing detergent. This is very much like our wedding. We got married at about 4pm with that funny little Baptist minister, went to a Toastmaster meeting and ate, and then he went to house and I went spend night with Mom at hospital.

I am still bummed at how much I had to give to the IRS. It makes a peson not want to work or save or do a dang thing. It is a shame when they hit the middle class older people who are healthy and have no children to claim. Next year I hope that the IRS owes me more than I paid.

With the rest of my retirement money, I plan to put a road on my farm in Lawtell and build a shed there for the motorhome. If there is any left, I plan on getting a tractor so that I can clear the land there. I may even get a mortage on that place so that I can claim all that interest instead of having it just go to waste. When I do that, I may also put a small building there and start my online and craft show business with my dolls, quilts, purses, and sweatshirt jackets. I could also finish and furnish the back area of the house into a quilt studio like I dream of and claim that as my home office. Then I could claim fabric, travel, etc and maybe come out even in the long run.

My mind is thinking about Steven's Saints quilt. My logic is saying that until I get my sewing room in some kind of order that is not a thing to do. I don't know which will win right now. Probably my logic, it usually does.

Well, that is all the wondering for now. Later gators.

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