Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary - Part I

I got more sleep last night than I have been getting. I think that I was exhausted both physically and mentally from the day before. Pape bringing LuLu in the house for the night may have helped since I didn't have to listen to her cry/bark all night.

In 4 hours I have to go to the dentist which is not that unpleasant but which I dislike with a passion. But on the bright side, it will be over for another 4 months.

Today is the anniversary of my marriage to Pape. I still remember vividly the old preacher man who married us looking so shocked that I balked at saying " obey". Another thing I remember is that he told Pape and me that we were married and that it would stick. He was right it did stick but I still don't "obey!" Pape will say AMEN to that!

Plans for today besides dentist are:
1) Get a nice meal somehow for Pape. I wonder if the dinner in Sunset would have food cooked by 10am. He does like their food or maybe I will splurge and take him to Vidrines/Westons for steak.

2) Begin cleaning that messy sewing room. It is beyond what I can stand.

3) Get the burrs out of Leeapaul's fur. The backyard is full of them and he has been enjoying the freedom of the outside with Lulu.

4) Bathe and clip Lulu so that she can stay in the house without stinking up the place.

5) Weedeat/mow the backyard so that Lee and Lulu can stay clean somewhat.

6)Take a power nap!

Everything but numbers 1 and 6 are optional. LOL

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