Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary Part III

Pape's home! He got the coffee, bleach, and laundry detergent and quite a bit of other stuff too. Ah, he does like to shop and eat.

I took his blood sugar and it was 201 which is very high. I am worried about that. I just can't get him to eat the foods that will help him with lowering the blood sugar. He loves sugary foods and carbs. I am going to try to show him that if that number were lower he would be feeling better especially his foot. Nothing seems to work...maybe he needs to get truly sick to understand how serious this disease is. I just don't know.

But all that said, I sure am glad that he is home from his wanderings. I miss him when he isn't around...ain't that a shame. I got a crush on my own husband. But I do love that man so very much. He is my heart and soul.

I made 3 more leaves for the Autumn Leaves quilt. I am running out of the little squares since the lady who taught the class didn't give us the right number to cut. I need 6 and we were told to cut 4. I don't have enough fabric on some of the ones I cut to make all the half square triangles into leaves. Bummer. Tomorrow I will cut new pieces and this time I will cut 6 squares per.

Leeapaul scared me tonight...he barked three times. He has only barked 6 times in his life before and then he gets vocal tonight. The first time he just started barking. I went check and there was nothing around. The second time he barked and went to the back door growling so I turned on lights all over the house and went check. Nothing. The third time he barked tonight was when Pape came home. Pape used the front door and Lee barked when he knocked. Don't know what is going on with Lee but I hope he gets over it soon b/c that is too much barking. LOL

Well it is time to put this computer to bed. It has been acting up again. Time for me to go to bed too. So later gators--may your night be restful and your morning pleasant.

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