Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ups and Downs

Today has been a day of ups and downs. There were more downers than uppers when I think about the day.

First, I woke up to the runs which is never an upper. Then I had to go to the bank because I misplaced/lost my checkbook which is a definite downer. But the banker told me that it would only cost me $32.99 to stop all 25 checks I lost which was an upper. He also let me know that I keep too much money in my checking account and should put some of it in CDs or money markets which was another upper.

After I got finished at the bank, Pape and I went to eat lunch at our favorite place but there were no parking places which was a downer. We went to the Chinese buffet instead and the food was very good which was an upper.

After we finished, I drove home and got dressed to go to Lafayette again having a case of the runs before I left which was a double downer. I picked Sammie up and we got to the doctor's office early and they had Pibb Zero which was a double upper.

The doctor believes that Sammie and Tanya both have hypothyroidism as do I which was both an upper and a downer. I am glad that we know about it but wish with all my heart that they didn't have this disease. Spirit also has signs of the disease so I will begin trying to get her to the doctor too.

We finished at the doctor and the bill was not as steep as I expected and the doctor took off 20% since there was no insurance which was an upper. Sammie and I then went to BQ and I played with their new longarm and made arrangements to quilt the skulls next week which was a triple upper. The price quoted was very up too.

Then Sammie and I went to Ms. Rose's to see what was happening with the taxes. All I can say is that was a 6,952 times downer that still has me bummed. Less said about this subject right now is better.

When we left, my wonderful granddaughter took me to get chocolate and Pibb which is always an upper. She knows what helps me get to an even keel not that it worked. Because I was so depressed, we went to Barnes and Noble to look at books and mags. That was a definite upper although I could only find one mag that interest me.

Sammie and I then drove to her house getting gas along the way and talking about her plans for the future. Knowing that my granddaughter has a thinking head on her shoulders was another upper. When we got to her house, she showed me her new bed and that was an upper since she has been sleeping on a spring in her back for months.

Then I drove home and told Pape about the taxes. The shocked look on his face was a triple downer since he doesn't have that kind of money in the bank and his macho made him feel bad letting me pay for it.

I came online only to find this idiot downing my daughter for speaking her mind which was not only a downer but in the mood I was in made me hotter than a fire cracker. Then Tanya had a post that was a definite downer about how she felt about having to have me help with Sammie while she went to class.

My friend, Denise, gave me another unintentional downer when she told me about the great price BQ has on that longarm I played with b/c I used the money I had saved for my longarm to pay the IRS.

Then I realized that tomorrow is my eleventh anniversary and I am so broke that I won't be able to take my sweetheart out to eat or get him a gift. I so wanted to get him a new pair of bowling shoes with velcro straps which is another downer. Guess I will cook something out of the freezer ugh which starts that day with a downer. I also have a dentist appointment which is always a downer for me...I hate the dentist.

So my friends as you can see it has been a day of ups and downs. This yoyo is tired of all the movement without even 1 power nap.
Tomorrow I plan on starting the cleaning of my sewing room. It has gotten out of hand. Besides I need to be able to get to the midarm machine to practice circles and writing for the skull quilt. I also need to get the midarm back into working condition since I won't be getting my longarm anytime soon.

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