Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Planting Is Upon Us

I woke up late--9am. I guess my power nap yesterday allowed my body to catch up on some of the energy I had used before or allowed the illness to run its course. Either way I am feeling so much better RIGHT now. I don't know what the day will bring but I am feeling great.

This afternoon I have lots to do between 3:15 pm and 7 pm. Sammie is coming spend the weekend with Pape ad me and I have to go get her. Then at 6pm, Renee, Chris, Spirit, and possibly Byron are coming to help me with the backyard and my planting. We have yellow straight neck squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and tomatoes plants to put in the ground in the backyard along the fence line.

We also have white squash seeds to plant...I love white squash smothered down with butter mmmm and I also love it smothered down and honey added as a preserve. My Little Grandma and Grandma Bob made the sweet squash so that brings back good memories and my T-mom made the butter, onions, salt&pepper kind. Sometimes it was great to grow up with grandparents who were so different in their culture and ways of thinking. Sometimes it was not so great.

I digress...we will also be planting flowers in the hanging baskets. Spirit will be in charge of that so they should come out interesting! Chris and I will try to plant a tomato in the upside down planter which should also be interesting. Then I have a watermelon cup for Chris or Spirit to grow for me so that Pape can plant it under the pine tree.

Between then and now, I plan on working on saving clothes-a chore I hate-and cleaning my sewing room. That is another chore I am avoiding but must be done.

I asked a question earlier but no one answered it. How do you count a piece of scrap given you on your stash report - as added fabric or not? Since no one answered, I am wondering if people can post comments. Please try so that I can know for sure.
Well, off to start so SEE YA LATER GATORS

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  1. I read your post everyday, but you know I don't know nothing about quilting. I guess mark it as freebie stash.