Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kidnapping Pape Part I

Every now and then, I have to 'kidnap' my wonderful husband. Since Thursday was our 11th anniversary and we didn't get to do very much since I felt so horrible, Saturday became the day to do something different.

So today, I am kidnapping Pape with Sammie's help and we are going to New Orleans. That will give us 2 hours to talk and cutup in the car getting there, time for Pape to have alone with his casino machines, time for Sammie to take pictures, time for me to watch people, time to shop in the french market, and time to discuss things on the way back.

That is the plan--now how it goes may be a different thing because lately nothing as gone as planned. That is what makes my life so much of an adventure lately.
More later, gators. Have a beautiful and blessed day. Remember be careful or you may lose something precious to you.

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