Friday, April 16, 2010

A Morning of Cleaning & An Evening of Laughter Part II

Ah, the backyard! What an adventure! Renee' weedeated the sides of the house and tried to do around the trees and roses. She couldn't get the honeysuckle on the fence so I had the bright idea to get the hedge trimmer. It worked really well except that a few branches from the satsuma trees bit the dust...they needed trimming anyway.

But I got careless and cut down my 13 year old rose bush. That bush was very special to me b/c every time summer or winter I started feeling badly that bush would bloom. I know sounds silly but I was feeling bad this week and there were many blooms. Yet last week I did not see a bud. I wanted to cry but instead put down the hedge trimmer and sat down. Then I looked on the other side of my swing to discover that Renee' had cut down my other rose bush. Not a happy moment.

But my youngest and granddaughter came to my rescue. They started taking pictures of my roses and me so that I could remember how beautiful they always are.
Then PJ got there and started cutting grass with Chris. Those two are a pair. Together they managed to cut the whole backyard. Sammie took lots of pictures of Spirit and my roses. Renee' and I laughed at all of them. Then Pape came in the backyard and I told him what I had done.

He went in the front and got my grape vine and had the kids with help from Sammie and Renee' plant it so that I would have something else to bloom for me.

In the meantime, Lee was getting his grove on with Cleo. It does not matter to him that she makes about 100 of him. He has decided that Cleo is his and that is that! It is so funny to watch him. Yet not so funny when you think about it...he is working himself up and getting nothing out of it. Her tail is bigger than he is and even when she sits down, he has trouble reaching the necessary parts.IMAO

After all the planting, we called it an evening on yardwork and decided to finish up on Sunday. So Sammie and I decided to take Pape to Vidrines for supper. It is close and the steaks are wonderful. It was driving Mr. Stelly...he sat in the back with his hat and glasses and grinned up a storm.
You have to love that man!
At Vidrines, Sammie, Pape, and I discussed the consequences of her grade in Latin. Her mom wants to take away Sammie's cell phone and I-pod until next year or the summer depending on her grade this next 6 weeks. I came up with the following: No phone or I-pod for 2 weeks...enough time to bring her grade to a high C or low B. If she has not done so, then she would give up phone, I-pod, and CAMERA for 2 weeks. If grade has not come up to expectations by then, she would lose all three until end of 6 weeks. If it still does not come up to expectations by end of year, she would lose al three until end of 1st six weeks in fall. Yes, I know that taking away Sammie's camera is cruel but she needs to get her priorities straight and stop making excuses - logical or not.
Well, gators, that is how my day went. I hope it made you smile as much as it has me.

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