Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kidnapping Pape Part II

Well, I believe that my shoes have a hole in the sole from all the walking we did today in New Orleans. We dropped Pape off at the casino and started walking and walking. After about 2 miles, Sammie stopped because I offered to buy her lunch. She was hungry so we sat down for about 30 minutes. Then off we went. She took more pictures of more things than I can imagine. I haven't seen all the pictures or I would post a few.

When we made the loop to Jackson Square, I sat down! I refused to go further at that moment. Sammie went around the square taking pictures of anything that caught her fancy. I got to rest about 10 minutes. Then we walked down the street, turned walked a block, turned and walked 2 miles back to Canal Street. I am glad after the sights I saw that we did not go 2 blocks down to Bourbon Street.

We walked about 4 blocks down Canal back to the casino and called Pape three times before he showed up at the shoe shine stand. He had the nerve to laugh at how tired I was! He slept all the way to New Orleans and then sat inside a comfortable casino while I drove and supervised and then walked my soles off.

I drove all the way for NO to Siegn Lane in BR. By then I was falling asleep at the wheel. Of course Pape was sleeping in the back seat and Sammie was trying to sleep on my shoulder in the front.

Pape took over at Siegn because I do not want to be in the car when Sammie drives in BR traffic the first time. (Sorry Sammie but I don't trust those idiots when I drive and when someone else drives I get scared no matter who it is.) I snuggled down in the back seat and I don't know who drove or didn't drive but Pape was in the driver's seat when I woke up in Lewisburg.

All in all it was a very good day. Well, gators, I have to go since I read in Facebook that I was going to have company tomorrow. I have to go prepare for them. Sometimes I like company like now!!! Have a blessed evening and a wonderful Sunday.

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  1. yep we just invite people without you knowing. lol