Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stash Report #2

I am still not quite sure how to do this report - what to count and what does not get counted.

For example, last week I bought 3 yards to make the borders on the skull quilt. I cut it all into the proper widths and made the borders & binding. I have scraps from that fabric - a piece 4" by 3 yards to be exact. I also cut a 1/2 yard piece to make the interior border. Also my daughter shared a piece of Saints fabric (about a yard) - how do I count that? How do I count the fat quarters I am using to make Autumn Leaves? When do I count them? This is all confusing to me but here goes.

4/12 -2 yds red Skull Quilt border

4/12 -1/2 yd black skulls Skull Quilt border

4/13 +1 yd Saints fabric Steven's Quilt

4/14 -6 yds Marine print Skull Quilt backing

Net added this week: 1 yd Saints fabric

Net used this week: -8 1/2 yds

Year to date: +9yd -8 1/2 yd =+1/2 yd

I decided to count the fats I am using for the Autumn Leaves quilt when I finish the top since it uses so many. I also decided to do the same with the Black New York Beauty. The cat quilt that I am sending to Carol to longarm for me is not going to be counted since it is a UFO and neither it nor its backing has been consider part of my stash for over 6 months.

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  1. Welcome to the stashbusting club and to blogging!

    The key point in stashbusting is use the stash first instead of always heading to the store for new stuff. Eventually, we'll turn over our stash so that it helps us to be more creative.

    As for recording - keep it simple so you keep doing it. And keep it consistent, so you don't have to think too long if it was counted or not.

    Have fun! Liz