Friday, April 16, 2010

A Morning of Cleaning & a Evening of Laughter Part I

Today has indeed been a very grand day.

I got up and sewed another couple of Autumn Leaves blocks. They are beginning to look interesting but I lost/misplaced several that I made at the workshop.

Around 10am I started cleaning and rearranging my sewing room. The way it was the design wall was totally unreachable and things were beginning to get out of hand. I am still not finished but I like the way it is going. I moved the table so that I now can get to the design wall and have an island in the center where I can cut and sew on either side and still have proper lighting.

In the early afternoon, Pape and I began the yard work. I trimmed the hedges in the front and around the driveway. Some were cut a bit close but they were scratching my car when I drove into the carport.

Then Renee', Sammie, Chris, and Spirit arrived and the fun began. Chris started mowing while Spirit and I worked on her flowers. Oh, gosh Spirit found a worm as we filled the flower pot and I made the mistake of putting it back into the worm bin. She had a fit! This child will not play with a rolly polly (pill bug) but will hold a worm in her hand. In the meantime, Stelly and Sammie went to Billie's to get string for the weedeater.

Chris and I tried to set up our upside down tomato planter...let me tell you it is harder than it seems. It took both of us to fill that thing because you couldn't put it down b/c of the tomato plant. After all that work, I sure hope those tomatoes grow big.

Then we saw a lizard in the bushes and Chris tried to feed it. Renee' warned all three of us, Spirit, Chris, and me, that she would have no lizard in her house. I figured that she needed to chill because Spirit held a rolly polly so Renee' could deal with a lizard. LOL

We finished the planting and bug/reptile playing and went back to work. Pape and Sammie came back with the string. Renee' loaded the weedeater and went to work with a vengence. Spirit convinced Pape to "fix" her bike and started riding. Chris finished the front yard and started the side yard.
Then we decided to go do the backyard which was indeed a fun time except for a few mishaps.
More to come in Part II.

I moved the t

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