Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blue Tuesday

The Blahs have turned into the Blues! I still haven't figured out why but this feeling is getting more intense and I don't like it!!!

I should be happy as a lark with all the great things and people in my life at this time but still can't shake the blues. I am tired and achy and that may be the reason for the blah/blues or it may be a symptom. Either way this is not the way I want to feel. Only other reason I can think of is that after two weeks of eating correctly and exercising properly, my body is trying my resolve. In that case, all I have to remember is if I don't then I will have a medicine cabinet of meds to take every day and that is a bummer for a person who hates to take meds.

Well, I am going to go cut fabric for a window frame weaving project and then go to Laf.

Lator gators!

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