Sunday, May 16, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Did you ever feel just like not doing anything?

This feeling came over me all of a sudden and truthfully that is what I feel like--doing absolutely nothing structured or planned. I think I am going to take a break from sewing & quilting. So there is NOTHING on design wall b/c everything went in shoeboxes. The only things up are the Be There or Be Square blocks on the door and I get sad every time I look at them. (The shop is closing this week. See Stash Report.)
Goals for this week:
1) Collect t-shirts, interfacing, fabric, and needed supplies for class on Saturday.
2) Walk at least 10 miles this week. Route is 2.5 miles so only need to walk for 4 days to achieve goal. Secondary goal is take about 2 minutes off the time until walking at/under 30 minutes then on to 3.5/4.5 mile route.
Get rid of blahs.
4) Finish Saints labels/blocks for BQ.

Lator, gators.


  1. Sending hugs....hope your mojo returns quickly. You need to find a new spot to meet with your DD. Maybe for lunch or a walk/talk. I hope you can set your blocks into a happy quilt that will remind you of your special times at your favorite shop.

  2. sometimes a little break is what you need...hope it's not too long. :)

  3. This is always sad. I'm sure something new will come along...a new shop? Or maybe you will open one with your daughter?!?!??

  4. Thanks Judy for the hugs...I needed them. Diane, you are right sometimes a break is needed and that is what I need. It won't be very long because fondling fabric is like breathing. Kathy, my daughter and I live 120 miles aways from each other. A shop is not in our future although we do want to open an ebay shop together.