Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stash Report

Woe is me!!!
My favorite quilt shop is closing. It is not so much the loss of a place to get fabric as the loss of visiting with people that I really like. It was a place where my oldest daughter and I could meet and discuss a passion that we have reconnected with. I can't replace it and I am sad for the loss but knowing the reason it is closing, I am happy for the owners. Owning a shop takes 28/9 of your time which leaves no time for family or quilting.

I visited the shop first on Friday and bought 28.8 yds. Then I went again on Saturday and bought 26.2 yds. These were not just to shop trips since on Friday, my beloved grandson graduated and on Saturday, my granddaughter needed a ride to BR for work.

So this is my dismal Stash Report:
Used This Week: 3 yds

Used YTD: 12.5 yds

Added This Week: 55 yds

Added YTD: 77.5 yds

Net 2010: -65 yds

My DH has laid down the law. (giggle) He says that I can not buy any more fabric until he gets a quilt or two. But I have a plan!!! Two years ago at Houston I bought a window fabric weaving frame. I am going to go through each color bin that I have and cut the fabrics that I don't have plan for into 1 fat quarter and 2" strips. The fat quarters will be saved in a smaller bin and the strips will be used to make a rug for my camper. When I cut the strips and put them into the rug box, I will also count them as used. That is the first way and the second is to work on secret pal quilt and charity quilts.
Well, off to get a computer. Lator, gators.


  1. Must be Scrap Happy's....we will all miss her! I stayed away, because I knew there would be trouble. Several of my bee friends made a road trip on Saturday...I wonder how much damage they did.

  2. LOL. Yep.......the DOTS live with me now!

    We missed Scrap Happy's going out of business sale. We had a road trip scheduled, but it got cancelled for some reason I had no control over.........hmmmmm.
    glen in Baton Rouge

  3. Hey, that's great. You have a plan. And isn't it awful when a quilt shop closes. Especially one that you have fond memories of.

  4. Walking is the one of the best exercises. It WILL make your clothes fit different!

  5. I'm so sorry about your LQS closing, but I'm glad to hear that it's the owner's choice and not forced upon them for financial reasons. Losing a neighborhood shop really is like losing a friend. I think for women their LQS is kind of like the bar in "Cheers" where everyone knows your name. Save your tiny scraps as well in a bin. You can just mix all of them together. They make great crumb blocks ala Bonnie Hunter.