Monday, June 14, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I couldn't find my design wall in the mess I made culling fabric for 2" strips.
I have design boxes, bags, and a design door instead. One box is holding my Autumn Leaves squares...I will hopefully be putting that one up in July. Another box holds the black scrappy New York will go up in July also. Another box holds Tanya's "Student Teacher" bag (I am so proud of her b/c it took alot of dedication for her to get this far as a single mom) that will be worked on until the end of June. The bags hold the Houston class blocks - all done waiting for me to decide how I will put them together and what method of quilting; & the blocks from the mystery from hell (sorry Sandra); & the handpieced hexagon top. Another bag holds the BOM from TQS which I am 3 months behind on. The final bag holds Tanya's graduation quilt. The design door holds the Be There or Be Square BOM blocks which I have not worked on since I heard the shop was closing.

My plans for this week are:
1) make bead bags for cancer kids
2)adjust twining frame to a small size or build a smaller frame. It will be easier to move the bars on the big frame and hopefully that will work.
3) clean sewing room so that I can find things again.
4) load new small twining frame with plastic strips and experiment.
5) load large twining frame with fabric strips and start a new rug for RV.
6) do whatever the mood dicates. lol
Well, gators I will see you all lator!


  1. I would add chocolate to the list :)

  2. There is enough there to keep one busy for a little bit. I have a few things to finish myself. Hope you are meeting your goals this week!