Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stash Busting Sunday

This week and weekend have been very busy. We came back from camping on Tuesday. I washed, dried, and folded clothes on Wednesday. Thursday was birthday of grandson so off to the movie with him, daughter, and various grandkids. Friday I cleaned the RV. Saturday and Sunday we spent in Houma, La. bowling. Actually, Pape (DH) bowled (over 21 games in a 48 hour period - the man forgets that he is 72 years young.) and I cut fabric and read in the camper. I love my RV. It is small enough to go anywhere even a bowling lane parking lot and big enough to be very comfortable.
Stash Report:
Last week (while camping)
Added This Week: 6 yards (sashing and blocks for Be There or Be Square BOM)
Added YTD: 87.5 yards
Used This Week: 12.12 yards (strips, headbands, etc)
Used YTD: 48.25 yards
Net Stash Busted: -39.25 Yards

This Week (while camping and bowling)
Added This Week: 0 yards
Added YTD: 87.5 yards
Used This Week: 25.25 yards (strips)
Used YTD: 73.5 yards
Net Stash Busted: -14 yards

New Project Process:
Identified Need: I need something to go outside of the camper door that does not hold water nor is harsh to my bare feet.
What to use: So what do I have around the house that I could recycle -- mmm. A church is cutting up plastic bags and crocheting them into mats for the homeless. Plastic bags are free, waterproof, and heaven knows I get a million of them. But I can't crochet worth a darn. But I do have 2 twining frames (window frame). So if I can weave fabric strips then maybe I can weave plastic strips. My two frames are large so off to the lumber yard where Pape buys me wood and L brackets. ( I did some reading and I may not use brackets. It said that you could screw the top & bottom braces on the side braces allows you to change the size of your frame easier.)
What Now: I am constructing my small frame using nails and screws and eyes to use with plastic. I am cutting plastic bags into strips using a method I saw on a blog - partial cuts 2" across bag then diagonally connect.
Also: I am using the container of strips to make a rug or three for my camper floor since I do not like the rugs we have now. So I will have one small frame of plastic and a large one of fabric. If the plastic strips work, then I will try one on the large frame.

Next post I will show the cutting process and my newly constructed frame.

Well, my walking crew has arrived so Lator, Gators.


  1. What a great idea for an outside rug! I can crochet but I don't have any more of those darn bags! I've been using my reusable bags so much that all the plastics are gone. I really need a few around just in case.....

    Bowling and camping, how fun for both of you. :)

  2. What a great stash busting week for you! Congrats and you are close to positive busting numbers, wohoo!

  3. I love your quilting while DH was bowling. That is my idea of using your time wisely. Boy you have really been using the stash. You are really moving the fabric. Great job!