Saturday, June 19, 2010

Twinning Plastic vs. Fabric

Well, I made it! I thought through the process and worked each step out. Now I have a completed plastic rug made from those abundant and pesky plastic shopping bags.
1) Frame: I decided to adjust the frame I have instead of making a totally new one. The idea of hitting nails straight did not appeal to me. So I moved the top bar of my current frame.
2) Strips to weave: I started cutting the strips at 1 1/2 inches but
soon went to 2". Two big bags of bags made 1 big bag of strips and a little bag of leftovers.
My DH has the brain storm for me to make a pillow out of the leftovers. Sorry but that did not happen...they went into the trash bin. I figure that I keep alot out so I was in the black for recycling/reusing. Next time I will make that pillow.
3) I found some bright yellow 2"strips on Wednesday and loaded the frame. That's why I cut all that fabric the last 3 weeks for twinning.
4) Then I started weaving...this is a great mindless project since it is just in and out rote work. I didn't touch it on my bday, Thursday. But Friday I got with it and finished it this morning. Wow, a quick project. The fabric twinning rug I did was not this quick but it was the larger size too. This one is abou 3/4 size of the fabric rug.
I am pleased with the finished project. It is just the right size when folded in half to fit inside my camper door. DH says I need 2 or 3 more - one for the front door, one for the side door, and one to put in front of the camper door. I seemed to have created a work load for myself. Even my youngest daughter wants one in fabric.
Only problem I have is that I didn't sew at all this week except to start my bead bags. So when I am finished here, I am going to go try to finish a few.
Lator, gators! Have a blessed day.

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