Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun Filled Friday

My red bug bites are better. Monkey Blood(Mercuicone {I can't spell}) and yellow vaseline works wonders. Still need to keep applying but they don't itch as much!
I repacked the camper and then went to the movies to see Shrek with Billie, Sammie, Bryon, Alexis, Chris, & birthday boy Bryan. The movie was alot of fun.
Now I am waiting for Pape to get here. He went pick up his bowling balls and equipment for the trip this week-end. He is bowling in the state tournament and I will be visiting the quilt shop (Quilting Niche) in Houma. This should be an interesting trip since he is in charge of getting directions to the lanes. mmmm good thing he doesn't bowl until 1pm.
While he is bowling, I am going to work on my Autumn Leaves quilt, do some more strip cutting, work on the Bead Bags, and maybe work on Tanya's purse or quilt. All except the fabric for the strips and Bead Bags are already in the camper so I don't have to add much.

Lator, gators. Beware of stupid people because stupidity is contagious.

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