Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Traveling

Today was a great day!

It is my third daughter's 35th bday. Tomorrow is my grandson's 6th bday and next week is mine, my mom's, my granddaughters 10th, and my stepson's 27th. June is just a month full of bdays.

I spent the majority of the morning sweeping this too big house. I love to sweep just like I love to hang clothes. Sweeping makes me feel good and is great exercise. The smell of clothes off the line is fantastic and that too is great exercise.

After that exercise, I took Pape eat a late lunch early supper in Kinder at the casino. We played for an hour and then rode home. This is was once a routine for us- at routine I miss. It is an hour drive to Kinder so that is enough time to talk about all the things married people and best friends need to hash out. The lunch and hour of play gives a person time to think about everything that was said. Then you reach a consensus on the way home. It is the perfect couple building time. It is how Pape and I survived all the nonsense that blending a family of grown children entails. LOL

When we got home, I checked on Cleo's puppies. There still seem to be 10 of those fat black wiggling puppies. The only problem I have is that with the whole back yard and a 24 by 20 room why does she have to put them right under my bedroom window. At 2am it sounds like there are a 100 crying puppies outside. LOL

Then Billie and Renee' came and we walked our 2.5 miles. That is another time of talking but Billie seems to be doing all the talking. That's ok because Renee' and I listen and give opinions that can be taken or not.

After the walk, we weigh on the scale since it was Thursday. Both my girls are upset because my scale does not show the same weight as theirs. It is about 3 pounds different. Renee' says she is not going to weigh on it again because it is not encouraging. Hey, I lost another pound and with the food I ate at the campground and my soup and sandwich for lunch, I was very happy.

Then I took a long hot bath. Walking in Louisiana even at 6:45pm is HOT and you sweat. I was ringing wet and have red bug bites on my legs and elbows that itch beyond endurance-mine. We went to the pharmacy and asked for something but they were stumped too. So I went to the old home remedy- monkey blood and yellow Vaseline. Monkey blood helps with the itching and the yellow Vaseline doesn't allow the bugs to breathe. Only Monkey Blood is no longer red. Now it is clear so that it won't stain. Mercurecone should be red.!

Tomorrow I need to repack the camper for the weekend trip which includes making the beds and sofa. I need to add fabric for the Cancer Bead Bags I will make this weekend. Then tomorrow afternoon I will be going to see Shrek 3 with Billie and grandkids. Fun Fun Fun! Serious fun!

Lator gators. Remember Stupidity is contagious so be careful!

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  1. HA... I've never heard of Monkey Blood before....doesn't sound too appealing, but whatever floats your boat and works on those bites; go for it!

    Wow, this was a loaded post with LOTS of goings-on! Your daughter and I are just a couple of months apart---my 35th will be Aug. 5th.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment; I'll be sure to peek in ya too!