Sunday, June 20, 2010

Stash Busting Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!! And Happy B-day to my son, Xjr.
This week was a week of bdays starting with mine so not much sewing was accomplished. I did however manage to start and complete a twinning rug from plastic grocery bags. We do not throw them away easily or quickly, since it takes over 500 years for them to return to earth friendly substances. Now I have a way to repurpose them longer.
On Wednesday, Pam, my BFF, came over and we worked in my sewing room. She worked on blocks and I twinned. Thursday, I slept for my BD waiting for my DH to celebrate my BD...he dropped that ball. Friday I worked on bead bags and my rug. Saturday, I finished the rug and worked on bead bags. Today I have more bead bags to make....I promised to make 10 for the guild meeting.
Stash Report:
Used this week: 2.5 yds (5 bead bags)
Used YTD: 75.5
Added this week: 0
Added YTD: 87.5
Net stash busted: -12 yards. Slowly but surely it is getting to zero.
Goals for Week:
1) Finish all 10 bead bags.
2) Walk at least 10 miles.
3) Work on and possible finish step 1 quilting of Meow charity quilt.
a) Step 1: Stitch in ditch of horizontal rows.
b) Step 2: Stitch vertical rows every 6" across quilt.
c) Step 3: Quilt cats in blocks made by vertical and horizontal stitching.
4) Have a great time at workshop in Covington on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.
Lator Gators!! Leeapaul says, "Have a blessed day and watch out for stupidity since it is contagious."


  1. You sent me a comment this morning. I was going to send you an email but could not find an address. You must live somewhere near me. I am in Moss Bluff. I found Kinder in one of your posts. I think my email is on my blog. Your puppy-dog is so cute.

  2. Wonderful way to use up those plastic bags. Your little rug is cute.

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Luckily only my Internet was down for 1 day, but power and everything else is ok.
    Great idea with your rug weaving! Happy sewing & walking!