Monday, July 5, 2010

Design Wall Monday Wk:28

Ah, my design wall has become a wall and a table.

On the wall, I have arranged my black scrappy new york beauty. I need to make a quilt that will fit a double bed top or twin spread for a graduation gift. This is my second layout.I am thinking that if I put a small border around each of the sections and add another center layout that it would be the right size. I am still playing with it. I have until March, 2011 to get it done.
On my table I have a dresden plate size 32". I am playing with Nancy Z templates that go from 8" to 40". I think I have finally found the right pattern for my secret sister quilt. I am thinking of doing it in a coffee theme. My muse is not cooperating on this one and it is due the beginning of December.
Now, I need to rant!!! Judy L has her rabbits and deer. Well, we have some crazy squirrels. They have decided to get in the attic and eat the electrical cables there. Last week we had to replace our air conditioner because it went out. Come to find out after the unit had been completely replaced, the wires had been chewed and that shorted out the air conditioner.
Last night I came to the computer room to find my poor husband sitting looking perplexed and lost because his internet wouldn't work. So this morning I started calling Charter to get the problem, which extended to the phone as well, fixed. The repairman found the cable chewed up.
So I have declared war on all rodents. There were no rat dropping in the attic so the culprids are squirrels.The squirrel I saw yesterday was larger than my yorkie and almost as big as my shorkie. Unlike Judy, traps are not an option since I won't crawl around in the attic and my husband can't. Unless my son-in-law or grandsons come and put screen up in the attic or bait and check the trap, I have only 2 options. My neighbor loves squirrel stew so I guess I will invite him to come hunting in my front yard. Second option is most unpleasant for all concerned so I hope I don't have to resort to it.
War has been declared!!! All rodents are on the wanted dead or removed list.
Well, lator gators. I am off to sew and scout out squirrels. I wonder if fake owl would help!!!!

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  1. We has squirrel issues when we lived in Cheyenne. I am with you on this one!