Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Stash Report

Stash Report:
Added this week: 8.33 yards
Added YTD: 99.25 yards
Used this week: 0 yards
Used YTD: 82.42 yards
Stash busted/enhanced: -16.83 yards
I was trying so hard to be good. I went with my grandson,Chris, to pick out fabric for Quilt Camp and all I bought was 1.33 yards of teal tone on tone. Teal is my favorite color. Chris, on the other hand, got 8 yards of fabric for his fence rail camp quilt. His aunt helped him find fabrics to go with the footballs. The quilt will be very dark but he loves these fabrics! Now I have to cut them for him. Next my grandson, PJ, and I need to go find fabric for his camp quilt. After that and before Wednesday, the boys have to find backing in my stash. After all, I have to get something from all this!LOL
Then Pape, DH, took me to the Krotz Springs Quilt Show. Fantastic quilts...very talented active group of ladies. I looked, I fondled, and I walked away and I even drug my DH away from some things. I was determined not to come home with anything but the pleasure of seeing those quilts.
But my muse had other ideas! When the second door prize was called lo and behold it was my number. 14 half yard pieces in red&white or black&white. They are fantastic.
Yesterday, after we got back from the Quilt Show and before it was time to walk, pape and I decided to take a much needed nap. When we got up, there was a surprise. Someone (think it is Lisa, SD) left a dog tied to our door. He is cute as a button, looks to be Shitu mix, and except for coat, seems to be in excellent health. It made Pape, DH, very angry that someone would do that to an animal. We are already having to bring 7 pups to the shelter and are leaving on the 14th for 10 days. Another dog just doesn't fit our plans and Lee, the king of the house, was not impressed by Lucky. So he was going to go to the shelter too. But he was two youngest daughters came for our afternoon walk and both fell in love with him. So Lucky went home with Billie and Renee is waiting in case he doesn't work out there.
Lator gators, Have a blessed week!


  1. What a lucky week for you with your fabric win - and for the puppy Lucky to find a home! Happy sewing!

  2. Hi, great idea about using a community space for my quilt, I'll have to see what I can do about that.

    On the squirrels/ rodents issue - in the UK we have plug ins that make a really highpitched noise that humans can't hear, but it deters rodents. It's cleared out our 1900's terraced house (split into upstairs & downstairs flats) and also my neighbours' 1910 semi-detached house.

    Here's a link to show you what they look like:
    I just have one upstairs & one downstairs, as I'm in the bottom flat with no loft. My neighbour has one on each floor plus one in the loft.
    We've found them really effective, but it does take a week or so for the critters to find their way out of the house... But they don't come back!