Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Stash Report- 4th of July

Stash Report:
Used this week: 6.92 yards between bead bags and 1 finished charity quilt.
Used YTD: 82.42 yards
Added this week: 2 yards - red fairy frost. Now for some cream, white, deep purple, and black.
Added YTD: 90.92 yards
Stash Busted: -8.5 yards Still enhancing.

I won't be enhancing my stash much until after August because I have to pay for the new BabyLock Evolution serger I bought last weekend. I do have a problem b/c I am taking my 2 grandsons to quilt camp on July 19th and they will need fabric! Some of it will come from my stash (the backings and bindings for sure) but I already know that I don't have good focus fabrics for 10 & 12 year old boys. How do I count the fabric we buy for their quilts? They should be almost finished their quilts at the end of camp. It is not for me and all I will be doing is cutting it into strips for them to use. It is puzzling me...any thoughts?

Today has been a good day so far. I am feeling a whole lot better thanks to all the home remedies I have been consuming. My problems in my opinion are happening because I have not walked since last Wednesday due to workshops and weather. I now know that I must walk to feel good.

Freedom is not Free! I am praying for my niece, my nephew, and my grandson who are all serving our country in the military. My second grandson, Gavin, will be leaving next weekend for boot camp with the marines.

When I start feeling unloved and unwanted and take advantage of, someone does something to make me feel loved, wanted, and very special indeed. My youngest daughter and granddaughter came today and cut my grass with a push mower. Ok, Spirit played with the puppies and that is a sight - 9 coal black puppies with tails awagging. Renee' pushed that mower over the front lawn, side lawn, and best of all the back yard where the tall thick grass grows.

What did I do, you ask? Well, I BBQued chicken -leg quarters and skinless boneless breast - turkey sauage and weiners between trips to the bathroom. But the food turned out great and I am feeling 1000% better.

Spirit & Renee are coming back later to rake & weedeat yards. Well, Spirit is coming back to play slip&slide with the puppies while Renee works in yard. Gosh, that is love! I am lucky to have such a thoughtful daughter and granddaughter.

Tomorrow gators Have a great 4th.


  1. Since the quilt you buy fabric for is for the boys quilts I wouldn't count it as it will not be residing in your stash or used for your own project. But I would count what I take from your stash that the boys use. You are so blessed to have your family close!! Happy 4th to you.

  2. What you take out of your stash, count as busted. What you buy for your grandsons, since it won't hit your stash, doesn't count! Don't you like my way of record-keeping! You are blessed to have such a thoughtful daughter and grandson!