Monday, July 12, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Well, My design wall is still stagnet.
The black scrappy New York Beauty is still there waiting for me to decide which arrangement. I play with it and then look.
Today my second daughter came and spurred me to make her student teaching bag. I cut and designed while she sewed seams. It took about 5 hours for us to decifer the pattern and work out the kinks but in the end we had a very nice bag with 2 sets of handles and lots of pockets inside and out. It took 2 yards of stash. Yea!!! She also picked out fabric for a second purse now that we have the kinks out. More stash busting w/o me doing all the work!!
Tomorrow I will be taking PJ to get his fabric for Quilt Camp. Then the boys will get fabric for each back out of my stash. Big stash busting!!!
Wednesday and Thursday, DH and I will be traveling to Fort Walton, Fl for a bowling tournament on Friday & Saturday. While there I plan on doing some cutting and sewing for the boys and possibly work on my Secret Sister quilt which my muse has abondoned me on.
Pineapple or Dresden plate? That is the question. Right now I am leaning towards the Dresden plate in coffee related fabrics and neutrals. But the medium and darker fabrics would lend themselves to a Pineapple too. Whichever or whatever I choose, it must be able to be quilted in a quilt as you go fashion. ? Muse, where are you
Saturday afternoon and Sunday we will be traveling back home to pick up the boys and my Element to travel to Baton Rouge for a week of Quilt Camp.
So sewing may not be in my schedule for the next 2 week. Especially since the boys will have my sewing machine at camp. But you never can tell!
Well, today has been busy and fullfilling. After our walk/run/bike, I helped second DD clip third DD dog. Lucky was not happy but he needed to be rid of the mats. Now he can grow good hair which will be cared for.

Lator gators. Have a blessed evening and a great week.

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  1. Your New York Beauty is great! What a neat bag! You're doing well at stash busting!