Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stash Report

Added this week: 3 yards
Used this week: 5.83 (Large purse for Second DD and 6FQB)
Added YTD: -102.25
Used YTD: 88.25
Net stash busted/enhanced: -14 yards

I tried hard not to add fabric especially on Tuesday when my eldest met me at the LQS for our Tuesday Fabric Lunch. I bought fabric and sent it home with her! Better in her stash than mine!
Tanya, second DD, came on Monday and we made her student teaching bag. She comes and spurs me on to sew projects for her. It uses my stash w/0 me having to do all the work.
The good news is that I did sew and used 2 of the 3 yards of flannel I bought! We traveled to Florida for a bowling tournament in the RV. There were a few minor my DH turning off the generator in the middle of the night b/c he didn't hear the air run. At 3:51am I woke up drenched from head to toe and the generator wouldn't come back on. We ran the engine w/the air on until we found a plug near the bowling lanes. That worked until about 8:30am when we blew their circuit...but the generator had charged enough to run so no more problems. At about 10am on Friday, I began cutting and sewing. I was cool and happy! I completed my "6 fat quarter bag" and the binding on a quilt. The bowlers didn't see me until Saturday morning when I had finished my bag.
Second minor problem is that the RV ice box is still not functioning corectly and we are using RV this week for Quilt Camp. I can get around that with an ice chest and boys will be in air at quilt camp from 10 to 3pm. So that problem can wait until 26th.
Third minor problem was DH's desire to spend 3 hours 'lost' on the air force base lookng for their bowling lanes. Sometimes DH has to go on tangents like this. LOL I can't complain since he supports every crazy thing I do wholeheartedly. It was an interesting trip all in all. We (I) drove home in one day and that is tiring to say the least. We won't do that again.
Goals this week:
1) Stay cool and enjoy the grandsons.
2) Walk each day.
3) Sew something.
4) Don't stress over the little things.
Lator gators, have a blessed week. Hopefully the campground will have internet.


  1. Charlene, you are almost ahead of the game. ;-)
    How much fun you must have on your wild adventures, even with your issues. No A/C is not a good thing. Do you work on things while DH is driving? I used to crochet all the time while we traveled and still have a project in the car for construction zones.

  2. Hey - it was a good week - bought some fabric, used some and had a wild adventure. Glad you got the air working. Have fun at quilt camp!

  3. Judy, everyday with my DH is a wild adventure and I am learning to float over my issues mostly. I mainly read when he drives or sew binding on.

  4. Ohh, at least your cool and sewing now. Isn't the adventures part of the why we love our DH's? I know it is for me :)

  5. We have been very lucky while traveling, we had a flat tire twice going to Calf and then on the return trip. Turned out to be the tire air stem. I always travel with a fan to keep cool. Great job on using you stash.

  6. It sounds like such fun sewing in the RV - if there aren't issues like you had though. But these are the things that make trips memorable, right? If everything went well, we may not remember all the details of a trip after a few years.