Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1 Thoughts

Today is the first day of the month and time for thinking...something I don't do often...and time to plan for the second half of the year.

June has been an eventful month with very little time to think. It is birthday month so that alone took up most of the time. Time just sped by in June. I really can't tell you what was done or not done because time got away from me when we came back from camping on the 8th.

July's calendar is getting full too from the 14th to 26th and then it calms down again.

July started off really well since my central air is now fixed. Without the central air, my sewing room was hot by 10:30 and unbearable by 12 noon until about 8pm. I love my computer time but get cranky without my sewing time. Today I worked on the new pattern for extra big Dresden plates by Nancy Z. Wow, I really like that pattern. I made 2 quarter banned 32" plates and the only thing that stopped me from having 2 full 32" banned plates was the sweat and the heat/steam from the iron. I see another WIP getting ready to happen.

Goals for July:
1) Finish the snuggle quilt. (Deciding whether to add more designs ie. cats or not)
2) Decide on a design for my secret sister quilt. ugh, my muse doesn't even want to visit that area.)
3) Begin piecing sister quilt.
4) Take kids to quilt camp. (July 19-23rd with camping too...boys should like that)
5) Cut out and complete Tanya's purse. (Another Nancy Z. pattern)
6) Piece at least 2 squares of Tanya's graduation quilt. (she cut the pieces and I plan to do that while grandkids at quilt camp.)
7) Learn how to work new serger read the manual.
8) Work on the presentation about labels that I must present to 2 guilds in August. Why do I do that to myself! ( research in progress...I just need a hook)
I think that is enough to plan for one month.

Goals for the second half of 2010 (November):
1) Finish snuggle quilt.
2) Finish secret sister quilt.
3) Design, piece, and quilt Saints quilt.
4) Finish Tanya's graduation quilt and her purse.
5) Quilt at least one of my completed UFOs.
6) Get at least two of my WIPs ready for quilting.
7) Reduce my stash to a zero balance or on the plus side. In plain words, only buy fabric I will use immediately.

Well, that is enough thinking.
Lator gators.

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  1. You need to add -- sew curtains for Billie's classroom. LOL. Ill get you measurements next week. Billie, your third daugther