Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stash Report Sunday - Mid-2010

Maxine made me do it!!!! (Blogger won't let me download pics at this time.)
Stash Report for June 20-26.
Added this week: 1.42 yds a Maxine panel and 3 fat quarters for Saints quilt
Added YTD: 88.92 yds
Used this week: 0.00 yds although I did work on my twinning rug using fabric this time
Used YTD: 75.5 yds
Net Stash Busted: -13.42 yds

While this is not what I would like since my stash has not gone down, at least it has been used and enhanced a bit. I am promising myself to do better the second half of the year. Not as good as Judy L. but I will get that number down to zero or positive for a change.

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  1. Yeah---I'm slowly working my way out the red too! It doesn't help when I need to "buy thread" and then get inticed over to the SALE TABLE!!!!