Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sad Saturday

Cleo, my beloved big mutt, is dead and finally buried. She did not greet us when we came home on Friday and I wondered why. Renee, DD 4, had been feeding her and Lulu each day and keeping their water tub full.
There was the smell of decomp in our house and we went all over the house looking for the source thinking it was a mouse/rat, possum, squirrel (oh, I would hoop and hollar if that were the case), or some other small animal. We could not find the source so this morning we began looking again both for the smell's source and Cleo.

Unfortunely, I found Cleo in the corner of our garage dead. We couldn't tell how long or what cause her death . Pape (DH) and I had a time getting out of that corner. My poor husband had to do most of that himself. Everytime I looked at her, I cried and gagged. But he put her on a piece of short tin and I pulled the rope to the grave site.

Since she roamed the neighborhood freely, we may never know how she died but she came home to do so. We had just given away all her pups to the shelter and had her an appointment to be spade so she could travel with us and stay in the house without making Lee crazy. The only bright spot is that my DD2 took a male pup that looks just like his mom so we do have a piece of her around.

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