Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sunday Stash Report

I din't do it!!! I promise I din't want to do it!
Stash Report:
Used this week: 0 yards ( too busy helping boys with their first quilts.)
Used YTD: 88.25 yards
Added this week: 2.5 yards (10 fat quarters won playing quilto at guild picnic)
Added YTD: -104.75 yards
Stash reduced/enhanced: -16.5 yards ( I just realized that this is the amount I won in the last 3 weeks so if I hadn't been lucky - I would be at ZERO!)
We came home from Florida Saturday and left on Sunday for BR with the boys. I drove the boys to quilt camp each morning at 9:30am and pinned & ironed for them until 3pm. Even though there was a quilt shop within my walking distance, I didn't visit it. I wanted to b/c I wanted halloween fabric to make Sammie, DGD, a 6 fat quarter bag, but I din't go.

Thursday, the boys were finished as much as they could do with the machines I had brought. I forgot a walking foot and Chris' machine wouldn't adjust correctly. They basted their quilts and MaMa(me) will sew them on her new machine. (The boys do not touch my Babylock. Very few people get that privilege.) Pape,DH, and Dee (DD) found the boys two more machines for me to get into shape so they can continue quilting at my house.

Thursday nite was our annual Stitch Witches Guild July Picnic. Lots of great salads mmmm...boys made sad faces when I left with the old fashion fruit salad and pea salad. They were all smiles when I came back with leftovers. Anyhow, I won 10 fat quarters during the Quilto games. I din't want to but it happened.

This trip went w/o a hitch/issue except that some joker turned off our water. Boys were great and quilt camp was interesting. I even learned a new way to put on flat borders and to spray baste quilt layers.

This week I need to start sewing. I think I will cut Halloween fabric from Sammie's piece of my stash and I will work on my secret sister's quilt....finally decided to do a dresen fan.

Lator gators. Have a blessed week.


  1. Wow you used up as much as you won, great job and the rail fence quilts are great. I want to check into a quilt camp, because, well I never went to camp as a kid and it sounds like fun. Also, I am sorry about the death of your dog. I know how hard it is ...

  2. ok I know the 10 FQs went into your stash but since you won them I wouldn't have counted


  3. I think quilt camp with the boys was a fantastic thing to do. It sounds like you had so much fun and it is something the boys will remember. I don't think it is fair to count fabric when you didn't buy it. I don't enter blog giveaways because I'm afraid that I'd win.