Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stash Report Sunday

Stash Report:
Fabric out this week: 0000
Fabric in this week: 2 1/4 yards of pink & brown floral for wedding quilt.

I still don't have my new computer loaded with excel so I don't have the correct numbers for this report. I am in the RED! That goes without saying since I only count finishes as fabric used and I haven't finished anything in a long time. That said I am working on finishing 3 quilts and 3 bags all at the same time. My friend says that I work on too many projects at one time. She just may be right! I started buying the fabric for my niece's wedding quilt. She requested pink & brown so I have to buy fabric since I do not have pink in my stash. The pattern is picked and I will start slowly buying pinks (ugh) and browns for the quilt. I will start it after the first of the year. She has been warned that it would not be ready for her wedding (12/31)...I have 2 graduation quilts, a secret sister quilt, and a Saints quilt to finish first.
(I have finished all the regular comes the last post-season games. This phase is almost done. )
Lator Gators! Have a blessed Sunday. See you tomorrow.


  1. I NEVER have less than 3 projects going at one time. Right now, one I am quilting, another one is one the design wall waiting for a border, another is on the chair waiting for a border and three are in zip-lock bags waiting to be pieced. Am we obsessive? Maybe...but then our obsession is a good one. It could be worse. Go Saints!

  2. Well, I do not know how many projects I have going at once. I like to choose from several depending on my sewing mood... Good luck with finishing your 3 quilts and bags!

  3. OMG! We could be twins. I don't count fabric until the project is finished and also have quilter's ADD too. LOL Sometimes it's difficult to focus on just one project until I get my druthers up and then there is no stopping until it is. You are very creative and do finish them, so there are no worries.

  4. I always have lots of things going also. Usually one project or maybe two being pieced, another being quilted and usually several things waiting for binding. I do like to get each project to the next stage before starting anything else. Say get all blocks done then move onto something else then come back and make the blocks into a top etc.

  5. You might try what I did the other day.

    Number all your projects and then use a random number generator, or put the numbers in the bag and work on whichever's number comes up.

    It worked really well.

  6. thanks Tamera that is a great idea after I finish the ones that need to be finished PDQ which is the saints, dresden plates, and graduation quilt.

  7. Keep up the good work! Just think~when everything gets done you are currently working on then you will have a huge bust!