Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stash Report Sunday week 41

Sometimes 3 is the charm!
Stash Report:
Fabric In this week:   0 yards
Fabric Out this week:  1.5 yards
Fabric In YTD: -165.5
Fabric Out YTD: 103.25
Stash Reduced/Enhanced: -61.25
Tuesday we arrived home from South Carolina. 
Wednesday I cleaned out one closet in my sewing room looking for DD#1's Phaff manual. After I saw how much was stuff in the closet, I decided to make shelves on one side of that closet. DH and I went to the lumber yard to get supplies. Then I reloaded the closet and realized that we needed more supplies for the other side. I found fabric that I don't remember ever buying or receiving. That cured me of my desire for new fabric. I have a closet FULL! LOL The manual was hiding in the drawer with all the other manuals next to my Baby Lock. Don't tell DH that we didn't really need to build shelves that quickly. 
Thursday we cleaned the RV.That afternoon, I went to a guild meeting where I turned in 5 fat quarters for various giveaways and my turtle lotto blocks for a total of 1.5 yards gifted. Oh, I wanted to win and didn't but I have the pattern.
Friday we took the camper to have the water pump looked at. I can camp w/o electricity (I have a hand crank sewing machine for the camper.) but not having water is a bummer. 
Saturday I sewed/quilted on Saints Stars and only quit when I began experiencing a sharp burning pain in my back (Took my meds but took a while to work!) Earlier in the afternoon, my second DD and DGD came to go Dollar Store shopping. DD#2 put together the two bookcases to make a cutting table while DGD covered the top and decorated for Halloween. 
Today, I plan to sew on the Saints Stars and watch the Saints (Hopefully they will win and make my quilt worth more!) with a visit to the local casino to pick up earrings. Hey, they give and I take!
Well, Lator Gators! Have a blessed day.


  1. Isn't it nice to find fabric we don't remember we had, just about as good as going to the fabric

  2. Good job getting the closest cleaned out and new shelves built....I'm quite envious!
    Don't you love the RV being all clean and ready to load up for the next trip??? Good luck with the water pump-hope it isn't serious.

  3. Thank you for the heads up on my blog posting mistake on Judy's blog...typing too fast! Great job with the closet clean out!

  4. I am all for Shop you stash! You sure are lucky with your new shelves...

  5. Boy, you have had a busy week. You have busted over 100 yards. That is great. Enjoy your new found bounty and the shelving to put it on.