Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Time and Place for Everything

Well, we made it home after traveling over 2000 miles. I am thankful that we made it home safely with only minor troubles. I got to see grandson play point guard for his middle school basketball team and hug,kiss, and scratch my marine grandson (have to give him enough loving in the short time he is around to last when he is away) 
Now I need to clean house (seems all the creepy crawlers died while we were gone for which I am happy about but now I have to sweep them all up. ugh!),  clean RV, do laundry, pick up grandson from basketball tryouts, but first I am going to take a long bath and nap.
Sometimes between now and tomorrow I also have to find book for Phaff machine and feed Pape, and order meds. Then I have to quilt on my Saints Stars. Life doesn't stop just cause you tired.
Lator gators...I am going to take that power nap and soaking bath maybe not close together. Have a blessed day.

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