Monday, January 17, 2011

Design Wall Week 4 1-17-11

Just need 2by2 1/2 squares
Looking for this
Right now on my design wall, I have Tanya's Graduation Quilt. I have a small problem which could become a large problem. For some reason there were not enough squares cut from the black&silver fabric. I am taking my sewing room apart since I know that I have more of this border type fabric somewhere. If I can't find it, then I am hoping that it fell out in the RV cabinet and is waiting for me there. If not, then hopefully someone has some and is willing to trade for it.
KSG block
I also have the KSG lotto blocks to complete. Isn't that Mardi Gras fabric fun! I am thinking of pairing it with a light shade of green for one and a orange for the other.
6 done 6 to go
Then I am working on 12 Tater bags.  I downloaded a tutorial by Sherry Titzer - I adapted it according to my needs and understanding. I made bags for Christmas presents and 2 of my daughters asked for more bags since they cook for 4+ people and one bag doesn't do well. The bag gets too hot and scorches. A new friend made at Quilt Camp wants 2 that she will pay me for. She wants a tutorial for the bags so I am working on one that is simply to follow since she is a brand new quilter/seamstress.


  1. I was so skeptical about tator bags until I tried one. Love Tanya's quilt. So very interesting.

  2. THanks for stopping by my blog. I think the small 9patches are a little more work than I thought they would be.
    Hope you find your fabric, that is going to be a pretty quilt.
    I have not tried the tator bags .....have seen then around but wan't sure of the purpose they served!

  3. Very cute Mardi Gras fabrics! Your quilt is very cool, I really hope you find your fabric. I hate my temporarily misplacing things, ( I hate to admit that I lose things.)