Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stash Report Sunday Week 14 - April 3,2011

This is actually a 2 week stash report. This past week I didn't add anything or use anything since I was binding for DD#1 and traveling. 
It wasn't as pleasant a trip as it could have been. I don't mind not having electricity b/c I had lots of fabric to fondle and cut and lots of binding to do. But I don't like being cold and it was cold and damp. That made all the problems seem triple in size. Once I got warm, the problems were so easy to solve.LOL 
The week of the 26th was the week we were traveling and I found fabric that just had to come home with me. If ever you are in Memphis area, go to Bartlett and visit the Klassy Katz, a very friendly place with fabric that begs to be fondled.
While we were traveling, my DD#4 made a request that I recover the bed in my sewing studio and give it to Spirit. It was first remade for Chris, GS#9, in spider man fabric. So off I went to Walmart in Eunice, the only Walmart around here that still sells fabric, and bought fabric to recover the bed. Only for Spirit will I willingly buy & work with pink! I will post a picture later of how it came out and one when they get it set up with her princess pillowcase and frog quilt. She is always a princess but very much a little tom-boy.
Spirit's Pink/Purple headboards
green goes with others
Yesterday, at the quilt show, I was pleasantly surprised at the response to the 3 quilts I had to show - 2 unfinished and 1 finished. First, everyone had so many wonderful comments about Tanya's quilt. That quilt was striking w/o the quilting but the quilting Dee did made it fantastic! Secondly, they loved the Palmetto quilt from the Charlotte Angotti workshop. Again the quilt was nice but Dee's quilting made it special. But most surprising was the response to Saint Star Season. There it sat - unfinished and covered with lint and a bit dusty- looking like a sad orphan. Everyone told me how striking it was and when I told them that I had planned on selling it to my friend for $250 which was 2 1/2 times my material costs, they told me NO WAY that even $500 was too low a price. I was on cloud 9 b/c I look up to these ladies, my quilting idols.
Stash Report
Fabric Added:                           10.5       yards
Fabric Added in March:              5.25  yards
Fabric Added in April:                6       yards
Fabric Added YTD:                  28.81  yards
Fabric Used This Week:             0      yards (Nothing Finished but lots of sewing!)

Fabric Used in March:              11.25 yards
Fabric Used in April:                  0      yards
Fabric Used YTD:                    55.06  yards

Stash Enhancement/ Busted:    26.25 yards 
Plans for this week:
Today, I will cut fabric wallets, cover Spirit's headboards(2) with at least 5 yards of what I bought on Friday, bind 3 more potholders, and put binding on Saints Star Season.
Monday, I will sew the wallets; find my potato batting which has disappeared; finish binding on Dee's items; work on binding of SSS; and go bowling.
Tuesday, I will go to a funeral of a very good friend who dies too early and too quick. Then I will travel to Dee's to help her with getting ready for her Craft Show and to bring her another top to quilt and binding SSS.
Wednesday-Thursday, I will be at Dee's being her worker and binding SSS. 
Friday, I will possibly be helping Dee if her Judy L. class was canceled or traveling home if it was not. She has not gotten word either way.
Saturday, I will be demonstrating techniques at our sew day. Finally sewing!
Sunday, I will be resting! Ha Ha Ha Who do I think I am fooling!
Well time to hang my white clothes - dryer died Friday so I am hanging clothes until DH decides he can't fix it this time and takes my suggestion of getting a laundry pair and giving washer to daughter who does not have one.
Lator Gators. May the fabric find its way into your stash before you think you need it. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE.

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  1. That was a nice compliment on your quilt. I take it that you have gotten to take a class taught by Charlotte Angotti in the past. That sounds fabulous. You have a lot planned for the upcoming. Wishing you well with your goals.