Monday, April 18, 2011

Design Wall April 18, 2011

Soccer Power! 
   My design wall has had the same thing on it for a while - DJ's Graduation Quilt. Well, I finally finished all the piecing and now get to sew it together. I have decided to do it as a quilt-as-you-go just like I did Saints Super Star Season(SSSS) with a soccer ball in the 3/4 circles and in the ditch along the rays. I think I am going to do a pieced back of reds and blacks (left overs from Gavin's Graduation Quilt.) I know I am going to embroidery DJ's name and graduation date in the center ball with gold thread
   I am also working on a pattern I found in Schnibbles times two called Little Red. This one is going to be a challenge because it comes out looking scrappy. I don't like scrappy but at least I have some control with this pattern. LOL
Saints' Super Star Season
  I finally finished the binding on SSSS. It has all 19 scores from the 2009-2010 Saints' Season. I quilted it as I went so the backing is not in the usually rectangle or square pattern.  The center square was quilted first. I ran out of black/gold dimples and the local quilt shop didn't have any more. So I use another black/gold fabric for each of the triangle sides changing as I ran out. 
The man/boy I made the quilt for refused it even at the very low price I set (b/c he was like family), and that made me very upset since I put a lot of time and effort in this quilt with him in mind.  'One man's trash is another man's treasure.' applies b/c my fellow quilters have put a very high price tag on it (more than I could believe). In fact, one lady asked me to make her a duplicate. Her offer was:she provide the materials and will give me $300.00 to make it. I am thinking about taking that offer. That guild also suggested that I put it up as a silent auction item at the guild's quilt show -they get 20% and I get 80% of the final price. Another idea I am thinking about, although DH likes the quilt and wants it for the RV. He's planning to wrap up in it while watching the Saints' games when we go to Abita Springs in the fall. That way the 'rich' folks will be envious of him. He is so funny!
Well, Lator Gators!  May the fabric you desire appear in your stash. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!


  1. Love that graduation quilt... especially the center block!

  2. When people ask me to make them a quilt I automatically quote $550 - 650 (includes fabric, piecing, and quilting). That usually ends the discussion which is good since I don't want to make quilts for money. :-)

  3. maybe you could put the proceeds toward a new washer and dryer--I think you need a new one! We just got a new washer, DH tried to fix the old one, but that didn'r work out so he had fun cmparing prices and reviews on the internet, then bringing the newest cheapest thing we could find home. Around 300 dollars, it is noisy but it works and no more hauling clothes to MIL's to do.