Friday, April 8, 2011


The last 3 weeks have been busy and mostly enjoyable but without the internet. First we spent 10 days (March 22 to 31) traveling to Tennessee, Tunica, and back. 
Then we came home on Friday, April 1st and took DGD#2, Sammie, and her boyfriend and DGS#9 to eat crawfish. It was an excellent adventure. 
Saturday, April 2nd, I attended the QGA's quilt display/show/workshop and let my fellow quilters see Saints Super Star Season for the first time. They gave me a strange look when I told them that the original buyer turned it down at $200. ( I need to get DD#1 and DD#3 to take a good picture of SSSS for me to post!)
Sunday, the 3rd, we had a peaceful day just doing laundry and cleaning camper etc.
Monday, the 4th, we spent still doing laundry and cutting grass. Then we went bowling and managed to win 3 of 4 games.
Tuesday morning, we traveled 130 miles to attend the wake for a friend who passed unexpectedly. It was a very sad event so afterwards I took DH to Boudreaux's & Thibodeaux's restaurant in Houma and read B&T jokes to him. His laugh is so whole hearted that it brings a smile to anyone's face. It made me feel like my friend was there laughing with us and smiling. DH's laugh is my sunshine!
Tuesday afternoon, I packed up my car and drove 100 miles to my DD#1's house in the sticks/swamp. She had spaghetti waiting for me when I arrived at 8:30 pm. She also laid out the plan for my visit - binding binding and more binding. She put me to work right away!
Wednesday, I made Jogger wallets to put in the craft show and bound potholders and small wall hangings.
Thursday, I machine bound 2 quilts for her sale and we went eat at Charlie's. I love their seafood is so big and comes with a salad. I ate and then Donovan, DGS#7 ate supper on it. Wonderful! After lunch, I worked on binding Saints' Super Star Season until it was finished. Then I machine bound another of Dee's sale quilts and 4 placemats.
Today, before I left DD#1's, I bound 2 more potholders for a grand total of 26+. I then followed the GPS to Cottage Creations in St. Gabriel which was not a wise thing. It took me on roads that could only be traveled at 15 mph b/c they had so many snake curves. There I visited with the owner and bought a ruler I needed for a mystery quilt (I may need a second one) and 3 dies for the Go - the 7 1/2" drunkard's path, the large tumbler, and the hearts that DD#1 wanted. The shop owner looked at a picture of my saint's quilt and recommended that I sell it for nothing less than $1200 since it has all the scores of the games embroidered on it. So that is the price that will be on it when it goes to the craft show tomorrow...if it sells, GREAT and if it doesn't, that's GREAT too since Pape, DH, really wants it for his camper bed.
Tomorrow, I am going to Sew Day at QGA since I have some paper pieced bird houses to finish for Thursday and Linda G's April block. I also promised to demonstrate the Go and how to make potato bags and binding necklaces from toilet paper rolls and ribbon and collapsible trash cans from Kleenex boxes . I need to make a couple of potato bags for my DSD#1.
Sunday, is a day of rest and laundry and hopefully working on DGS #5's graduation quilt which was Judy L's  March UFO #1 and didn't get finished. Before I start April's UFO #4-Cats Antique, I have to finish the graduation quilt and at least 1 charity quilt. 
It would seem that I have dug a hole and now need to get busy filling it up. Oh, well, I may be busy but I am not bored. LOL
Lator Gators! May all the fabric you desire appear in your stash as you need them. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!

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