Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thoughts gone Haywire!

outside my window...north wind blowing in cool air!
i am thinking...this weekend is too packed with activity.
i am thankful...that my camper is fixed so now I can go dry camping again.
i am remembering..
.the good time I had at the KSQG meeting today!
i am listening to...silence.
i am BR, NO, and LC between now and Sunday.
i am hoping...the weather is pretty this weekend and cool but not cold.
i am looking forward to...sewing on Friday with Ann and Glenda & the GSQA meeting on Saturday.

one of my favorite things...listening to Sammie squeal when she sees Halloween fabric

   I had a blast at the KSQG meeting. While I didn't understand the attraction of wool, I did enjoy the presentation. I won a Halloween panel and traded purple fabric for a yard of eyes. The Halloween panel will be used on the door this year and then become part of Samantha's quilts back. The eye fabric will be incorporated into her spider web quilt made from an octagon. We have collected fabric for 6 years so it should be an interesting quilt. I think there is enough for 3 quilts in the Halloween stash.
   Lator Gators! I am off to pack for the weekend activities. Let's see: sewing machine (check); supplies for sawtooth cats (check); thread (check); scissors (check); vinyl(check); fabric (check); what else -I forgot and will buy at Mes Ami on Saturday!
   May all the fabric you desire find its way into your stash. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE! 

1 comment:

  1. OMG! Those eyes are the cat's pajams! LOL.

    Speaking of cats, I thik you are the only one who actually got a whole cat together. Maybe Paula did, but she got closer than I did.

    Ann called to say the day was wonderful!

    Just being near you makes me happy!

    Have fun on your busy weekend!