Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stash Report Sunday Week 47 November 20, 2011

Added this week: 6.5 yards (2 jelly rolls is bright solids on sale for 50% at JoAnn's)
Added in November: 8 yards
Added in 2011: 118.685 yards
Used this week: .5 yards (iron caddy - Heat Resident fabric was not counted as coming in so won't be counted as going out)
Used in November: 14.25 yards
Used in 2011: 164.31 yards
Reduction: 45.625 yards
Total used in last 4 months of 2011: 35.875 yards
   Monday thru Thursday, the gremlin in my studio hid 4 patterns I needed from me. Now it is hiding lotto blocks and swap block packs from me. This is why I am rearranging the sewing studio. I can't find anything so now I have to put things in certain places. My memory is so poor that everything has to have a special place or I lose it for a short while. I know they are in the studio.
   Saturday, I went to the grand opening of the JoAnn's in Laf. I really could have done some serious damage to my stash report and bank account there. Instead, I bought the HR fabric I needed for another iron caddy and a jelly roll that I will need for a class coming in January/February/March. Then my DD#2 went back and got me another jelly roll. 
   I did do some sewing this week. I made an iron caddy purse by "Sisters' Common Thread" and an X-block table runner.      SECRET!
   Judy L. asked about who was planning of reporting their stash busting efforts in 2012. I will be continuing my reporting. It helps me keep track of what is coming in and going out. I shopped my stash in 2011 first and then went to the LQS. This will continue in 2011 for several reasons with the main one being money flow.
   I will however change my way of reporting just as I am changing the way I store my fabric. My fabric has come out of the closet and bins. I have started folding it on comic boards and putting it on shelves where I can see it at all times. Seeing all that unused fabric quells my buying craze. Fat quarters and smaller pieces will still be stored in clear boxes. My PIGS (Projects stored that are 1/2 to 3/4ths finished) and UFO's and PhD's will be put in the closet to be pulled out as needed.
   2012 will be my year of letting the PIGS out of their sacks and getting my scrap bin under control. For every new project I start, I must complete 2 PIGS and all scraps must be cut into strips and saved as they are made. The fabric will be counted when it is sent to DD#1 to be quilted or if all goes as she plans, when it is put on my frame which she will be giving back when she gets her new Handi Quilter in 2012.
  Well, it is back to making stars and lotto blocks. My plan is to finish those blocks today so I can work on quilting the table runner tomorrow.
   Lator Gators! May all the fabric you desire appear in your stash as you need it. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!

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  1. I too have thought about what to do with my fabric in2012 -- and have come up with similar guidelines for myself. I am going to join in with Judy L's stash report to give myself some accountability. (how's that for a college word?)

    And I too need to totally organize my sewing room. Frand has agreed to ad some shelves but frost I must get s lot of stuff out to get that in!

    I need a live in assistant who can help me be organized, do housework, cook,make sure DiNozzo is not stealing dinner and be my sounding board for ideas and life.

    I will settle for the shelves!