Thursday, December 1, 2011

What a Homecoming!

   We left our home on Wednesday, November 23rd and arrived back last night. It was really 3 separate journeys. First we loaded up Spirit, the 3 dogs, DH, and myself in the camper and made a trip to Abita Springs for the Thanksgivings holiday. Spirit started off telling us what she didn't eat and that we needed to buy spaghetti o's. Well, we didn't but she ate very well. Then she informed me that we needed tv to camp. Well, she survived w/o the tube. Finally, on the way to drop her off to her mom, she informed us that we were going back for Christmas and this summer b/c she liked camping w/us. 
  Lorenzo, the chug, had a great time camping too. He caught a duck and then went after the geese. Brave little dog! Then he ran after surf on the beach and just ran in th sand until he dropped. Finally, he ate sand and helped Spirit dig a moat for her sand castle. He was one happy tired little pup.
  We stopped at the house b/c it was pouring and to get meds for me. Then off again we went so DH could bowl on Sunday. I had planned to sew all day but generator wouldn't start. Come to find out, DH decided to unhook one battery from the generator. Most of our problems with the camper have been DH 'fixing' something. 
  We slept in our own beds Sunday night and it felt so good. Then Monday morning off we went again. This time with DD#3 to New Orleans to the LAQUE conference. We had a blast and picked up lots of tips on using SMART boards which is the going thing these days. We even got to compare iPad with other tablets. I want an iPad badly but thinking that I need to wait.
   Last night we got home. We were tired and happy. For our homecoming, we found no heat and car battery is dead. So today when DH gets up we will be finding out the problems. Still it is good to be home. I am getting ready to go into studio and sew with a portable heater to keep me company.
  Judy L. picked UFO#12 this month. That is my "Mystery from Hell'' and I don't think I am ready to tackle it yet. I have not done well with completing my UFOs. They are UFOs for a reason and may never get completed. But I will be trying again and hopefully, they will get done sometime before I am done.
Lator Gators. May all the fabric you desire find its way into your stash. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!

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  1. Love that Spirit! She lives up to her name!

    Glad you are home safely. I did so badly on Judy's UFO Challenge that I don't even want to talk about it.....

    Will you be bowling in Baton Rouge soon? Isn't that coming up soon? It was in the paper about the building being completed for the bowlers......