Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stash Report Week 50 December 11, 2011

Stash Added this Week:  15 yards (This is an approximation of yardage I won at the Christmas Auction for QGA.)
Stash Added in December: 15 yards
Stash Added YTD:  135.065 yards
Stash Used this Week: 3 yards (I completed the xblock table runner.)
Stash Used in December: 3 yards (I did use fabric for Nu's tumblers blocks and Saints 2 but can't count until finished.)
Stash Used YTD: 167.31 yards 
Stash Enhancement: 32.245 yards
Challenge for last Quarter of year: 38.875 yards
     The QGA Christmas Auction was Tuesday and I bought things. I tried to keep it to non-fabric items but it seemed that most were doing the same. LOL My booty consisted of cookbooks (2), novel(1), patterns(9), angel(1), wine(1), candle holder(1), baskets(3), Halloween fabric (5yards) and Christmas fabric (10 yards), and other items galore. All in all I was happy with my purchases and the money I spent will help the guild attain well known speakers. 2 for the price.
     I finished quilting the tiger x-block table runner and worked on the Saints 2 quilt. The center is now put together and is just waiting for me to embroidery designs. I forgot how much work that quilt was. This one is prettier than the first in my opinion. Someone has even suggested that I make an LSU Stars quilt but I don't know. DD#1 is designing a center with crystal footballs on it. "Only LSU has a pair and a spare." but I think that they have to win the spare before I commit. lol
    While quilting the tiger x-block table runner, my favorite machine broke. ugh. Usually there is something on the Ellisimo while I am piecing on the Ellegante. Without the Ellegante, either I piece or embroider on the Ellisimo. It goes to BR next Thursday and it will be 2012 before it comes home. I may set up the White to piece. I really miss my Ellegante.  :(
    Well, off to work in the Studio. I will have to spend twice the time there now;)
Lator Gators! May all the fabric you desire show up in your stash before 2012. Keep 2011 STRESS FREE!

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  1. As you say it was for a good cause, still not a bad year, you've used quit a bit.

    I hate it when my machine goes on the fritz. Hope you get it back ASAP.