Saturday, December 3, 2011

Staying Calm!

   My grandmother told me when I was small that bad things come in threes especially deaths and mishaps. So far in my 61 years of like, I have found that to be very true. She also said that if you handled the bad things with calmness and not anger that 3 great  things would happen in a row soon after. Another of her words of wisdom that has been true 75% of my experience. 
Stars are done! Now for details!
  Well, first, last week the tv in the camper wouldn't work to help occupy a 7yo. Then the toilet wouldn't flush and finally the generator wouldn't start so I could sew while DH bowled. Well, the 7 yo and I wrote stories for each other to read and listened to the portable radio. DH forgot to pull the right release handle so we went to a dump site and I pulled it. I cut out all the parts I needed for the Saints Stars 2.
Bright purple so I won't forget it is mine!
  When I got home, there was a huge package for me. The travel case for my Babylock Ellageo which now travels with me was there. So one good thing!
Then my DGS #10 handed me a sweet smelling flower and didn't get in a fight with his sister when she wanted one. He politely told her that he would get her one next. Number two!
  DD#3 called me to go exercise...I needed it! In all our traveling and hotel living, I lost another 2 pounds. Number 3!
 The gremlins were not thru with me yet! The central heat would not work.
We went to start the car and it along with the truck were deader than door knobs. The battery acid had eaten thru the pole holder.  Then the gremlins really did it! My ellageo broke! It runs fine but the needle doesn't go up and down and when it does it makes a strange noise. 
  But I remembered grandmother's words...calm not anger. So I called my wonderful air condition man and he soon had my house comfortable. I now have a new breaker and a new thermostat. Let my DH play with a drill and the pole holder. Being an old mechanic, he soon had both the car and the truck running well enough to be used. And I transferred the table runner I was working on to the Ellisimo and continued. 
The boys watching the game!
  Now the first good thing I want is for LSU to get on the ball win the SEC. They are losing right now so maybe the gremlins are playing with them too. 
Tonight we are having a surprise party for my DH's 73rd b-day. So off I go to get ready. Hopefully, I can get him there on time.
Lator Gators! Keep 2011 STRESS FREE! May all the fabric you desire appear in your stash.


  1. Well, LSU did win, or at least they are so far ahead right now they can't NOT win.

    Sorry to hear about the bad things, and the good things are wonderful things! I know about the 3 bad things being together but not about the 3 good to follow, so I will thank your grandmother for that!

    Happy Birthday! Surprise!

    Love the Saints Stars, they are looking so good!